Lucky People Compilation

The compilation of some incredible lucky people. Some of them were so near to the death but they still alive with little or without injuries.


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1. Russian Pedestrian almost hit by a car AND a bus
2. Train Spotter Almost Killed by High Speed Train
3. Повезло так повезло
4. Повезло
5. One Lucky Guy
6. Sidewalk Crash – Lucky guy with fast reflexes
7. Soldier almost shot in head gun ALMOST KILLED
8. Rally Crash: lucky man saved by the tree
9. Suddenly Tree Fell Down…
10. Lucky Pedestrians: Mom and Daughter
11. Almost Hit by a car
12. Rally crash
13. Almost hit by a Train
14. Girl Nearly decapitated by train
15. His Name is Lucky
16. CCTV Footag : Miracle of Bike Accident
17. Lucky Ass of the Day
18. That Was a Close Call
19. That Was a Close Call
20. Lucky Guy
21. Rally Car Driver Is Very Lucky To Be Alive
22. Lucky Pedestrian
23. Flying Piece of Iron
24. Lucky Grandpa
25. Lucky Pedestrians
26. Leaving the Truck after Crashing Like a Boss
27. Woman narrowly escapes truck collision in eastern China
28. Incredibly Lucky – Bicycle Rider Was Hit By Truck
29. The Luckiest Rider Ever
30. Lucky Guy
31. Greek Bike Accident 1
32. Luckiest Cameraman In The History Of Time


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